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=== LEVEL 12: HUB2 ===

Here is more difficult for me, because in finish of level, Makron will appear and take me to medlabs.
There is dificulties - works hub2.script where is lines of code:

There is writed, that player must kill Stream Protectors Kvame and Chad and only after this Makron will come. My task is to do, that Stream Protectors will not killed, because they also are friends. I think to do this like that:
a) Kvame and Chad sitting in this room. No cinematics of them.
b) There is console terminal in center of room. Touch terminal and Makron will come. For this I need to change some lines of script.
c) Makron cinematics is playing, but Makron not fighting with me.
d) If I will reach how to do a text viewable in this cinematics, I will show text, where is writed, that Makron will pickup me and take to medlabs.
e) I must disable speach of Makron. Because is not true that he talks, that I must die. Stroggs need new members. I think, that he will say simillar like this:"Its good that you are come to us, to our society. You will be stroggificied and this your dream will come true. And we get the new member for our society. All will be OK.". I know how to make sound recording, but I dont know, how is maked voice of Makron ? I need that this voice says this another text. Maybe writed text on the screen will be better and easier. OK - speech disabled. All action is true.


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