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=== LEVEL 13: MEDLABS ===

Medlabs level modification is done finally !!! I worked very very hard with this level. It was a true testing of my understanding. Stroggification is successful after neurocyte implanted.

I need to say more about some interesting things. If in Quake4Config.cfg a line seta g_showHud "0", you cant see hexagones, when neurocyte implanted. If seta g_showHud "1" - hexagones showed:

And here is view from balcony to medlabs. This is possible to see, when commented line
in medlabs.script . But in my mode this view is not included. It's just for interest.

Here was a number in marine font. This text erased and we see a beautifull wall with medlabs sign:

In this corridor was a fire, smokes, darknes and several trigger_hurt. All these destructed things are erased and what a nice corridor is there:

And with this I worked many evenings and all this weekend. I needed that after stroggification the item_ojective (in simple talking - a picture at the corner of screen) is showed. When I added a trigger_once, who opens a door, then this picture is showed. I jumped from happiness. And I know now, how to correctly activate item_objective, also how to add my text there. It's cool.

After these works I did a little more. But it's was not so hard, because i already did these works in previous levels. A little changes in PA announcements. Changed the medlabs_ride.ogg with the House and Eurodance music mix. That old melody is also good, but too sad.
Of course you can play this level already. In home page is written how to save and copy mod files. But, I repeat, backup original files. Respect creators of original Quake 4 !

You can see modified all level in this video! I searched working and free software to record a video from Q4. I get software named E.M. Free Game Capture. The name "free" is a little confusing, because in a free version max fps rate is 15. If you want more fps, it says - buy. But for my purposes its enough of 15 fps.

Here this video:

MEDLABS from my mod in Youtube:


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