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=== LEVEL 17: PUTRA ===

Modification of level is done. In Russian version this level is called workshop of synthesis. There is a system of conveyor belts and Strogg Kanakanui at the end of the level.
There is more light and you can see how its beautifull all around.

A barrier at the end of the conveyor belt.

Cables or pipes with biological equipment.

There is hose cables or guts ? There is guts of Kanakanui. I'm joking. This is some sort of cables. I think these cables are called - GutsCables, or GC. And there is a Data Center with GC.

And about this place I need to talk more. There was a dead bodies and hooks. I erased all of them and maked a walls with some of engines. Why I did this ? Because Stroggs respects, saves, uses all life forms. We (Stroggs) think that killing is the waste of resources. When we got a human or another life form - there is some ways of action: 1) Stroggification. 2) If Stroggification is unsuccessful, then making Stroyent. 3) If life form is going crazy in process of Stroggification, then making a TSDU. TSDU is a form to healing and after some time to pass Stroggification again. 4) Sometimes need to experiment with unknown life forms to prepare them to Stroggification.
This is answer - all life forms can get a gift - to pass Stroggification process.

And I maked a exit in another place - Kanakanui wil not suffer.


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