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This level is also modified. This level is interesting in technical detail. It's double level - STORAGE1_FIRST and STORAGE1_SECOND, but map is the same. The trick is two starts - info_player_start_2 and info_player_start_4. It's interesting that you can't go in STORAGE1_FIRST directly from console. For example, you write a command: map game/, you will find info_player_start_4. But its a next part of Storage1, its a STORAGE1_SECOND ! But from console we can't write map game/storage1 or something. See here:

How I tested and modified STORAGE1_FIRST ? I came to STORAGE1_FIRST not from console command, but from level WASTE. For the purposes of test, I did that info_player_start_1 in WASTE is near at the end of this level. In that way, I came to STORAGE1_FIRST quickly and I did works of midification.

You can see - there is no fire anymore.

All pipes not damaged.

Ayo and Eve Ketese looking at each other

So beautiful places all around:

There is a little black hole from stars. And there is no weapon here. This is just a physical experiment of Li and his friends:

The view of building from outside:

There is interesting how to go to level STORAGE2.MAP. It's next level. Here is elevator. When it called, it waits for Earth-soldiers. I don't wan't it.

target_endlevel who takes our to STORAGE2. This is purpose.

trigger_once is near elevator console. And we can go to STORAGE2 without any soldiers ! Strogg is forever ! Our planet Stroggos - forever!


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