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This is second part of this level. There was some problems, but I solved successfuly all of them. There was so much job with the lifts. These lifts waited Earth soldiers and don't moved. I have repaired that.
It's very interesting place with consoles and displays:

There is interesting thing: when You pressed a button, You can see at the display, who showing a gate opening. You can watch it a little time or a long time. But when You turned back - in another display at the moment Anlekanekelo appears ! I tried it many times. Anlekanekelo appears, when player turned back. It's so nice !

But I want to tell some more about this place. In first monitor, where player see an opening gate in original version a Earth dropship is appeared, an also an Earth soldier. I did some different. I did that no plane is arrived. But a person is appeared ! That person is not a soldier. This is Strogg Volanse ! You see a little Strogg in green rectangular ? Heh ;) Volanse is here :

This level fascinated me when I see this in first time. As all levels of Q4 are so amazing and impressive. But there is so HIGH building. This long lift and so beautiful view are impressed me.

When I saw this beautiful view of Cerberon city, I thinked, that Strogg technology and life it's my dream. This is so beautiful view of Stroggos planet and I think about Stroggos all time. About SIGMA and about Stroggos.

Also I think to make a wallpaper at one wall in my house with this view.

I often think: there is always evening in Cerberon ? Maybe. Forever evening in this place. The star, who is called Xaurami is allways at the horizon. Cerberon is placed here.


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