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=== LEVEL 23: TRAM1 ===

Level modification is done. You can see this video. In this clip you can see one bug - there was some text writed in Earth font. I have repaired this in map file.

Also I have detected a problem - when I pressed a button to call little Stroggs, they camed, but not repaired a train line. The train not worked... In that time my Total Commander is stopped to open .pk4 archiver directly. When I pressed Enter, it showed an error: "error executing program". After this i did, that TC opens these archives with 7-Zip File Manager. That is not so comfortable like an older way, but this is working.
Saturday I decided to solve the problem of train functionality. I checked .pk4. I copied a little older Train line started to work ! After this I copied a new file Train line works again. It's good.

How train repaired:

This level is very interesting. In default version there was many fires, smokes and so many troubles to Stroggs. And after modifications this level is great.

In original version in the train standed a soldier Cortez. In my version in the train player meets Strogg Ayo003.


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